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Google now has dark mode function

Google announced that it has officially added dark mode (or Dark Theme, as the company puts it) on its search page on desktop.

The feature, as most of us are familiar with by now, replaces the traditional white background on the website with a darker theme that is more eye-friendly, especially when viewing in low-light conditions.

As with most similar functions that are available on other websites and certain apps, users are first required to manually activate Dark Theme on Google Search desktop.

To make changes, first head over to www.google.com and then click on the Settings button on the bottom right of the screen. From there, click on Dark Theme to activate it and you’re all set. It’s also worth noting that unlike Google Chrome’s dark mode, enabling the feature via Google Search’s homepage will also apply Dark Theme to its search engine’s results pages.

Keep in mind that you will have to open Google Search by using the URL mentioned above, as the Settings menu will not appear in the New Tab version of the page. For those using multiple web browsers, you are also required to manually activate the mode by following the same steps on each one. 

Dark Theme’s arrival on the desktop version of Google Search is late, but is still welcomed nonetheless. This greatly helps to conserve battery life for portable computers, and to reduce eye strain for those browsing the web or are working under not-so-ideal lighting conditions – not that we encourage such lifestyles, of course.

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