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Gardeners Hire Security Guards To Guard The Most Valuable Mangoes

A man in India never thought that he had to hire three security guards to look after his mango tree after finding out it was a special kind of plant.

Salkalp Singh Parihar, who hails from Madhya Pradesh, has just realized that he is actually planting a Japanese mango tree, Miyazaki, which is the most expensive variety in the world.

He is said to have bought the mango sapling about four years ago from a tourist he met while boarding a train for US$ 33 (RM137).

“At that time, I did not know what kind of mango and only named it as Damini in conjunction with my mother’s name. I planted it like a regular mango tree.

“However, after a few months, I saw the fruit had a very beautiful red color,” he said.

Since then, his crop has continued to be the talk of the town especially among entrepreneurs across the country.

He was later surprised to find out that it was a luxury mango that sold for around US $50 (RM207) each.

Salkalp also received lucrative offers amounting to US$ 283 (RM1,176) from buyers who wanted to taste the delicacy of the special mango.

The Times of India reports that he has so far planted 150 Miyazaki mango trees in his garden but only four seem to bear fruit.

“This tree is cared for like a ‘baby’ itself and I want to focus on caring for it well in addition to using the seeds for new plants.

“Last year, there was a theft incident and I want to increase the level of security here. Previously, we housed nine dogs and now have to hire three security guards to look after the crops, ”he said.

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