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Footage of whalefish are able to change shape

A group of scientists who were operating a remote control submarine, discovered a kind of deep sea fish that is quite mysterious and cunning known as whalefish.

The female whalefish or its scientific name Cetomimiformes, is bright orange in color and was found swimming and gliding at a depth of 2,013 meters around California’s Monterey Bay.

It is understood that during the 34 years of deep sea exploration carried out by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, only 18 times this mysterious fish has been seen by marine biologists at the institute.

“Whalefish are rarely seen living in the deep sea, so there are still many mysteries surrounding this amazing fish,” said a statement from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute on Twitter.

“Every time a deep sea dive is done, we discover more mysteries and solve some of them.”

Not much was known about the life of the whalefish until more than a century after its discovery (first recorded in 1895 by two Smithsonian Institution scientists), the three very different forms of the animal throughout its life cycle were mistaken for distinct zoological families.

First ‘tapetails: larval -shaped without fins with a long tail and mouth. It lives as well as forages near the surface of the sea and when the time comes it turns into an adult, two very different forms await them.

If it is male, the ‘tapetails’ will turn into ‘bignose’ (male whalefish) which has scales, a small mouth and a thin jawbone. As the male whalefish will stop eating, his intestines, throat and stomach will shrink and disappear.

Females also go through a transformation that is no less dramatic. Its body expands to resemble a small baleen whale, before growing beyond the size of a male, and it begins to form a lateral line that serves to detect water pressure along its ribs to help it navigate the deep sea.

Some female species turn bright orange; because the red and orange colors cannot penetrate the depths of their habitat making these fish seem invisible.

Both males (bignose) and females (whalefish) can be found at depths of 1,500 to 2,000 meters below sea level but some claim they can survive at depths of 3,500 meters.

Not much is known about its habits but scientists believe whalefish move up to 600 meters to sea level guided by starlight to find food before hiding to deeper areas by daylight.

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