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Foodpanda Aunty receives aid from Ustaz after she went viral

Working has no age limit, and this elderly woman showed us that we never give up easily. This elderly woman is Tiffany Ti, and she’s signed up to be a Foodpanda rider. She was the unfortunate one who lost her job as a writer for an English magazine during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

She was first caught by a netizen, sitting at Rock Cafe waiting for the food to be ready for pick up and delivery. It seems that she takes preventative measures and hygiene seriously by wearing masks and gloves, and she even cover her phone with plastic!

It’s quite saddening and inspiring at the same time to see an elderly woman, looking frail but still striving hard to meet ends.

Just a few days later after this photo had gone viral, Ustaz Ebit Lew had decided to give her some aid. He had help her fix her 25 year old kancil that she love so much, and even give her some pocket money to spend.

Apart from that, he heard that there’s a pipe leaking in her house and he offered to fix it for her.

From their conversation, she expressed that she enjoys her job now and is even happier when she get a rare RM7 order.

Life has ups and downs and it is especially difficult for everyone as this pandemic hit everyone hard. Aunty Christine had shown us that we must be strong to brave the rough tides ahead us and never give up. There goes the saying “when life gives you lemon, make lemonade”.

Is this story inspiring for you? Comment if you have any thoughts!

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