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Flood Victims Applauded For Tupperware’s Durability For Keeping Food Fresh Despite Submerged In Floodwaters

Tupperware is a brand originally developed by an American named Earl Silas Tupper and nearly every household had at least 1 Tupperware container amongst the many other containers stored in the cupboard.

These air-tight containers are treasured by our mothers for a reason, with their extreme durability and preventing food from spoiling. This brand often shows off its quality in a way we all did not expect.

Recently, parts of Malaysia were hit by flash floods and a lot of Malaysians were affected badly by these. However, the water levels had gone down and it is time for the flood victims to go home and start cleaning up their house.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, some flood victims were surprised to find their beloved Tupperwares kept the food inside completely intact, fresh and crunchy despite being in the floodwaters for a long time.

A Twitter user @Azfar_Az made a series of tweets of her findings and shared pictures of outside and inside condition of the containers.

“Tupperware sales are going to surge exponentially after this. A lot of good reviews are coming from the flood victims. Walaweyh! What’s important is, they’re airtight and watertight! Hihi…” she wrote in the caption.

Her tweet went viral with many other flood victims sharing pictures of their ‘surviving’ Tupperware containers which remained perfectly intact.

“When the flood happened, all the Tupperwares drifted out of the cabinet by the water but when we cleaned it up, all of the things that were inside the container were in good condition. No wonder my mom buys Tupperware every month.” a netizen said.

One netizen also suggested that Tupperware should start selling wardrobes and drawers so that clothes and important documents will not be damaged by floods.

Some said Tupperware’s shares will be skyrocketing after this!

After this incident, most are convinced by Tupperware’s amazing powers and would better understand why our mothers would get mad if we lose their beloved containers.

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