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FIFA 22’s Metacritic score after opening weekend is ferocious

The release of FIFA 22 has been highly anticipated by gamers and football fans all over the world, and on Friday, everyone was able to get their hands on the latest edition.

However, the game has had a poor start on review sites, with its PS5 version getting a user score of just 2.6 out of 10 on Metacritic after its opening weekend.

The score has been generated at the back of 112 user reviews. This gives FIFA 22 a rating of E.

Of course, it’s very early days and the pool of people isn’t that large considering how many people actually play the game, but after the opening weekend of its release, EA Sports would’ve been hoping for better feedback.

The critics, however, have been more favourable with their score which has been generated from 39 reviews. They gave it a solid and respectable 78 out of 100.

As a matter of fact, not a single critic has given a negative feedback as of writing this article.

Several users, however, have been critical of the game, with one saying: “First of all, this is clear to me that critic reviewers do not try the Ultimate Team mode, they don’t know anything about the competitive aspect of the game, so you can go ahead and ignore them.

“Every year they come up with great videos to tell you how the new AI is a gaming revolution, and you’ll have an experience you have never had before. BS! That’s the same game and the AI is just as stupid as the previous games.”

The user added: “You’ll be on rage, because you know what exactly your opponent will do and you still cannot avoid it! They do a long pass, you select your defender to follow, but they do not run, they freeze, they watch your opponent getting one-on-one with your goalkeeper.”

The PS4 version of the game has a worse user score compared to the PS5 one. Based on 16 user reviews, the score is just 0.9 out of 5 with just one feedback being positive.

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