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FamilyMart Malaysia announces new “konbini” concept superstores

In Japan, you’re able to do almost anything at a konbini—or aka “convenience store”. You can get a snack, pay your bills, get something printed, take out money and even get your packages sent there instead of at your doorstep.

FamilyMart Malaysia announced its own konbini-style revamp to their stores, but what do they mean by that? Lets get a sneak preview of their Sri Petaling branch to find out.

While they haven’t exactly expanded the size of their store, they have improved new fancy look—fitting their classy Japanese concept. The improvements include new fonts over their sections, and muted brown and green colours around the store for their outdoors-y look.

Furthermore, they have added extra freezers for their items to make it easy for consumers to buy stuff like oden or other frozen food to enjoy at home. They also expanded their menu items like deli meats, salad, and more versions of their favourites like sandwiches, pastries, onigiri, desserts, and snacks.

Now you can sit with a group of people or you can sit individually at the smaller more convenient seatings. Despite that, what’s missing seems like photocopy machines, ATMs and other konbini concept features.

Currently there are two superstores, one in Sri Petaling and one in Bandar Puteri Puchong. FamilyMart is planning to have 20 of these stores in Malaysia by the end of 2021.

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