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Facebook testing a new feature which allows users to have up to five Profiles

Meta has announced that it is currently testing a new feature on Facebook which would allow users to maintain up to five different profiles.

This is also a major shift from Facebook’s “real name” requirement, and is likely being considered as another new approach to encourage users to stay on the platform amid increased competition from its rivals.

According to the company, the ability for users to own additional profiles can be used for different purposes, such as having one for friends, family, or work. A total of up to four extra profiles are allowed to be created on top of one primary account that is registered under Facebook, it added. Furthermore, Meta says users will be able to switch between profiles with just a few clicks – similar to how social media managers can switch between their own personal account and the pages that they manage on the platform.

“To help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships, we’re testing a way for people to have more than one profile tied to a single Facebook account,” Meta spokesperson Leonard Lam told TechCrunch. He also revealed that users who create extra profiles are not required to use their real identity for their display name. That is, as long as the names used do not violate the platform’s policies and feature numbers or special characters. 

In addition, Lam notes that all extra profiles owned by the user will be subject to Meta’s policies, therefore violations on one profile will affect their account as a whole. “Anyone who uses Facebook must continue to follow our rules,” he adds. On that note, Meta says its rules against impersonation and other types of misleading representations of identity would continue to apply to all profiles.

The new multi-profile feature is currently being tested in certain but unspecified countries. Meta did not mention when this new ability is expected to roll out to all Facebook users.

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