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Enhanced Google Maps In Effort Toward Climate Change

Google is set to add more than 100 AI-powered features to enhance its Maps app this year. Some of these features, which include eco-friendly routes, indoor augmented reality (AR) directions, and layers that display weather conditions and air quality levels.

Contributing effort towards climate change, Google Maps will soon calculate and construct routes to reduce fuel consumption and, by extension, the carbon footprint of journeys. The app will default to the route with the lowest carbon footprint when it has roughly the same ETA as the fastest one – though this can be disabled.

Source: Google

Eco-friendly routes will first roll out in the US later this year, followed by a global expansion.

If you are one of those who often get lost in malls, airports, and train stations, this feature might be for you then. Google Maps is set to display indoor AR directions in Live View so you can easily find your way to a specific store, the nearest elevators and escalators, restrooms, ATMs, your flight gate, check-in counters, and more.

Source: Google

The AR part will come in the form of directional arrows and instructions on your phone screen. It will be launched first in Tokyo and Zurich, followed by other cities.

Aside from that, Google will also be introducing two new layers to its Maps. The weather layer will allow you to check the current and forecasted weather conditions and temperature of an area. The air quality layer will tell you how healthy or unhealthy the air is in an area – particularly helpful if / when the haze returns to Malaysia again.

Source: Google

The weather layer is set to be launched globally soon while the air quality layer will be rolled out in Australia, India, and the US first before expanding to other countries.

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