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Elizabeth Tan Revealed She Want To Leave Warner Music Malaysia To Focus On Herself More

Singer Elizabeth Tan, 27, revealed that she had to file a lawsuit to leave Warner Music Malaysia (Warner) after three years under the record company.

Elizabeth or Lizzy said, the negotiation process for her to come out officially turned out to be quite difficult because she had not yet received an agreement from the recording company that involved a lawyer.

The singer of the song Knock Knock said that the main reason for leaving was to focus on his career independently.

“The legal proceedings for me to leave Warner are almost complete on my part. All the black and white matters of my lawyers have been handed over to them to resolve this matter completely.

“Internal problems are unavoidable in any field. I myself just want to come out calmly and really appreciate the services of the company in raising my name before.

“However, now I have to think about advancing myself because my focus is not on music alone. I have my own business and acting career that needs to be developed further,” he said, whose contract with Warner ended last February.

Elizabeth said she had sent the lawsuit since last February. Anyway, negotiations between them face difficulties when a consensus has not been fully reached.

Therefore, he asked for the help of a lawyer to launch the process, including the submission of evidence of obligations that have been fulfilled in accordance with the contract set by the company.

“I believe I have fulfilled all the responsibilities as in the contract and somehow want to step down well. Now I’m just still waiting for them to release me even though technically I can do so.”

“This decision has actually been on my mind since last year. For now, I will take care of myself completely with the help of my mother and my assistant, Athirah,” she said.

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