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Eggshells are now being transformed into a range of designer tiles

In a bid to reduce waste, artist has come up with an original idea: collect thousands of eggshells to transform them into a range of designer tiles. On the floor of your kitchen, on the walls of your shower or on the sides of your furniture.

Developed with British design firm Nature Squared, the range of elegant decorative tiles is available in a variety of colours.The eggshells come from bakeries and restaurants in the Philippines, where the factory making the tiles is located.

Recovered shells are ground up, combined with a binding agent, and then hardened at room temperature to create the tiles. An effective way to limit food waste.

Additionally, eggshells are also an excellent material for the construction industry. Their high calcium content, for instance, makes them very effective at filtering out UV rays, ensuring a longer life for the material.

If all this is giving you ideas but you’re not design-oriented, you should know that there are several alternatives for recycling your eggshells.

For example, you use them to help provide nutrients for the soil of your houseplants or in your compost. Also keep in mind that the thin membrane inside an eggshell is very strong.

Some people remove it and use it as a bandage, for instance, for a cut on a fingertip. A grandmotherly trick that can come in very handy.

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