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Efforts to improve the accessibility of ‘baby hatch’

A child and family development expert called for efforts to improve the accessibility and reliability of the ‘baby hatch’.

Racheal Kwacz said the high rate of baby abandonment in the country showed whether the unmarried mothers were unaware of the existence of the ‘baby hatch’ or were unsure if their identities were kept secret.

He, who has a website promoting his services, said there was a lack of awareness about the availability of ‘baby hatch’ and also distrust of it. “People are worried about the impact of crime and the lack of secrecy,” he said. “So, the next focus is to make it accessible, approachable and safe.”

Back in August 2019, the government launched an infant abortion prevention campaign and revealed that 64% of the more than a thousand babies aborted between 2010 and May 2019 were found dead.

Last October, a news report quoting a Bukit Aman official said police recorded 424 cases of baby abandonment nationwide between 2018 and September this year.

President of the Parents Action Group for Education (PAGE) Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said the high incidence of infant abandonment could be linked to increased sexual activity among minors who were influenced by social media and driven by peer pressure and family instability.

“This is worrying because it can lead to unsafe sex and unwanted pregnancies, adding to social symptoms,” she said.

Azimah said the country would not see an increase in baby abandonment if the community strengthened the value system that guided morality.

Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) deputy executive director Yu Ren Chung called for a sex education policy based on research evidence.

“Research shows that age -appropriate sex education works because it covers health and safe sex practices,” he said.

“With better information, some young people may choose to postpone sex. Those who choose to have sex can do so safely. ”

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