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Drowning incident at theme park as parents could not monitor their kid due to crowd

There is no denying that since permission to cross districts, states and travel is allowed by the government, people seem to be free from the ‘bonds’ that have been chaining their accomplices.

Given opportunities are not missed. Among the activities that are selected are sightseeing on weekends with family members including small children.

It’s as if there is no tomorrow, making many tourist hotspots crowded. Many also choose to take their children for a swim at a hotel or water theme park. But in the fun, parents in particular need to be more careful and make sure the child is constantly monitored.

Like a sharing of a man on Facebook who faced an anxious moment when a drowning incident happened right in front of his eyes while on holiday at a hotel in Melaka recently.

According to Nik Azwan Mustapha’s post, the incident left a girl unconscious. What is even more touching is when the parents of the children involved could not be traced for 20 minutes because there were too many visitors in the area. It is also understood that a young man did not notice the presence of the child in the adult pool area and ‘stuck’ to the bottom.

Fortunately, some were aware of the situation so the child was rescued and given emergency CPR assistance. Therefore, it is advised parents out there to always keep an eye on their young children so that no untoward incidents do occur.

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