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Driver panic-accelerating into another driver’s space mistaken to be parking lot snatcher

A driver in Singapore after fiercely accelerating into the space and smashing straight into the carpark’s wall was mistaken as a parking lot snatcher.

Footage of the incident was uploaded onto the Beh Chia Lor Facebook group.

In the short video, the driver was in an orange Nissan Kicks e-POWER and driving up the carpark’s slope, with an empty carpark lot directly ahead. At the same time, what looked like a dark grey Toyota Prius was reversing into said lot.

Despite there being another car, the orange car can be seen moving forward, accelerating past the reversing Toyota Prius, and eventually picking up speed and accelerating as it moved forward into the carpark lot.

Subsequently, a loud bang can be heard as the car smashed into the carpark’s wall.

The footage has since went viral and commenters had split views of how the events transpired.

Some said the driver of the orange car was “kiasu” (Hokkien for scared of losing), and the driver deserved the collision. While other commenters said that the driver could have panicked and stepped on the wrong pedal. Others also came to the defence of the driver by adding that the Nissan Kick is a One-Pedal Drive, like many other electric cars on the market.

According to Nissan’s website, the One-Pedal Drive allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate, and stop using only the accelerator pedal.

With that said, the Nissan Kicks does come with a brake pedal for emergency uses.

The owner of the footage, Tan, said that the incident took place at 11pm on Oct. 29 at a carpark in the central region of Singapore. Tan said the elderly driver resided in the same block.

According to Tan, the Nissan Kicks driver “did not chiong (rush) for [the] lot”, and it was “definitely not” his intention to claim the lot, unlike what most people online came to believe.

While the driver did see the lot in front, he did not see the car reversing into it.

This led to both cars colliding, and the Nissan Kicks surged forward and collided with the carpark wall. Tan said that the Nissan Kicks’ driver had panicked and simply “tapped the wrong pedal”.

Due to the accident, the Nissan Kicks’ front bumper was dislodged on both sides, the front car plate has dropped off, and there are scratches running along the right hand side of the car.

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