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Dragon Tunnel in Johor is an attraction for tourists

Fortune Dragon, a dragon tunnel that stretches 351 feet in length – around 106.5 metres – and 16 feet in height located in Batu Pahat, Johor.

The structure is said to be one of the largest and longest dragon tunnels in the world. It’s become an attraction in the town of Yong Peng due to its sheer size. Visitors can even walk through the dragon’s body and view Chinese paintings and more while inside its ‘belly’.

Dragons are mythical creatures considered a symbol of prosperity to the Chinese community. Fortune Dragon – also known as Prosperity Dragon – is a tunnel that takes on the shape of this majestic creature, complete with a wavy body and scaly exterior in vibrant colours of blue, orange, and green. 

This attraction is located on the grounds of Che Ann Khor Moral Uplifting Association in Yong Peng. It’s around a 7-minute drive from Dataran Gemilang Yong Peng, another historic landmark in town. 

Unique as it is, Fortune Dragon isn’t the only dragon tunnel that can be found in Malaysia. Temples such as Tua Pek Kong Temple in Perak also house dragon tunnels. Nonetheless, Fortune Dragon happens to be the longest tunnel that you can walk through.

The tunnel in Yong Peng was built in 2016, and took around a year and a half to complete with a whopping budget of RM6-8 million. Another impressive sum of 3,300 ceramic tiles was used to replicate a dragon’s scales. 

To enter the tunnel, you’ll have to step into the dragon’s mouth. From here, visitors have to navigate the dragon’s curved and undulating body, which comprises 108 steps, to reach its belly where the exit is located.

While in the tunnel, visitors can view over 30 traditional Chinese paintings. These paintings depict various Chinese folktales, teachings of Buddha, and tales of the afterlife. As there are graphic images of the Ten Chambers Of Hell found inside, parents with children may want to take note and pass through this section quickly.

No photography is allowed inside the tunnel, but you can take photographs at the dragon’s mouth, surrounded by its 36 huge teeth. Expect to spend around 30 minutes exploring the tunnel.

Tickets for adults (RM25/pax) and children (RM10/pax) can be purchased at the entrance of the temple. Children under 110cm can enter for free, while senior citizens (RM10) and Yong Peng residents (RM10) with proof of their age and address are entitled to cheaper tickets. 

Yong Peng is located around an hour’s drive north from Johor Bahru. Fortune Dragon, considered one of the longest dragon tunnels in the world, is an attraction worth visiting in the town for the impressive scale of the dragon structure that you can walk through.

Address: Lot HS 2677, Pt 2446, Jalan Kota Impian 1, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor
Opening hours: 8.30AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 07-467 9800

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