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Do you know what OK stands for? Here are the interesting facts about it

“OK” is one of the most common words in the English language. OK is a word used to denote acceptance, agreement, approval, assent, or acknowledgment. OK expand as ‘Olla Kalla’.

It is a Greek word that means All correct. This two lettered word is the most common word used in conversation when we agree or disagree with someone. 

But do you know how this word came into existence? well here’s an interesting fact you ought to know.

The Birth of ‘OK’ 182 years ago

It all began in the office of an American journalist Charles Gordon Greene. In the year 1839, a time when it was trendy for writers to use playful abbreviations like (LOLZ, OMG, or NBD today). OK first appeared as an abbreviation for “Oll Korrect” in a satirical piece on grammar that was published in the Boston Morning Post in 1839. This trend gave birth to many words like OW- an OK-like term for “oll wright” or all right. 

On another occasion, the two lettered word was used as an election slogan, the word OK took the world by storm when it came out of the 1840 re-election campaign of US President Martin Van Buren. Born in Kinderhook, New York, Van Buren carried the nickname “Old Kinderhook”, his supporter used the shortened “OK” in rallies, and formed “OK Clubs” around the country and then “OK” became a double meaning word, “Old Kinderhook was all correct.” and it took off from there. 

The word OK has is described as the most frequently spoken or written word on the planet. Yet, its origin remains disputed for more than a century.

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