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“Do not remove subsidies or we’ll take it to the streets!” Student unions protest against government

The rising cost of living is already taking a toll on Malaysians but the government has at this critical moment announced to remove subsidies on certain essentials.

This move was not going well among Malaysians and many have called out to the government to continue subsidising these products and impose a price ceiling on them, among them are the IIUM Student Union and University Malaya Students’ Union.

In a joint statement, the group urge the government to stop eliminating subsidies and price ceiling or they will take the matter to the streets and protest against the announcement.

“On 21 June 2022, Malaysian citizens were bombarded with the announcement of subsidy removal on certain types of cooking oil and ceiling price removal on a few essential products starting 1 July 2022.”

“The government’s decision has disregarded the rights and hardship that citizens are currently facing, and as a consequences, will have a domino effect on other sold goods,” the statement reads.

The group also believes that this decision made by the government was made without taking into consideration the citizens’ livelihoods.

They added that a rise in prices of daily necessities is expected after the removal of subsidies, and people would need to spend more.

Meanwhile, the group also pointed out that the additional cash assistance has little to no help to resolve the matter.

β€œAlthough we are well informed of the announcement of the additional cash assistance, it is fairly apparent that such an effort is grossly insufficient to resolve this matter,” they say, adding that that the decision would negatively influence the students’ welfare, cause inflation as well as reduce the people’s purchasing power.

They then urged the government to exert all possible solutions to ease the obstacles that are faced by the people.

β€œWe no longer view β€˜Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia’ as a long-term solution to address the need of the people, we need structural changes.”

β€œStop leading the β€˜Keluarga Malaysia’ if you are the one who oppresses those family members.” they said.

They also urged the government to be responsible and act proactively in coming up with a comprehensive plan to avoid the expected price spike by their β€˜irraitonal’ decision.

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