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Dessert cafe in Penang let patrons play ‘Squid Game’

Malaysians can expect to get a discount when they play South Korean childhood games at a cafe in Penang. 

Like many other marketing stunts, this is also inspired by the much-hyped psychothriller series Squid Game, except that Malaysians who successfully carve out a star onto a block of sugar will not be walking away with 4.56 billion won (US$3.8 million). But at least customers of the Tian Yuan dessert cafe will get RM4.56 off their bill. 

The game is called the “Honeycomb challenge” and is one of many that was featured in the show where debt-ridden South Koreans go through a series of games to win money. 

The cafe serves traditional Chinese desserts like fried pancake, red bean, and sweet potato soup, as well as noodles with broth.

Other games include playing with marbles, and ddakji, where players attempt to flip each other’s cards. No prizes for winning these two games though, but at least you’ll feel like you were a part of one of Netflix’s most-watched TV series. 

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