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Delivery rider nearly falls into pothole

These notorious deformities that pop up all year round are probably the least favourite thing we like about our roads.

A massive pothole recently spotted in Sabah is testament of how pesky potholes can be a delivery rider was captured on security footage narrowly escaping a deep plunge into a ‘mother of all potholes’ there.

On 28th November 2021, a CCTV footage of a foodpanda delivery rider braking suddenly in front of a massive pothole on Jalan Likas Jaya in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was shared on social media by the Facebook page Friends Of JPJ.

In the 38-second video, the rider, who happened to be the only motorcyclist in the video, can be seen stopping abruptly in front of the massive pothole which he did not seem to notice from far away.

The sudden stop led to him losing his balance and falling off his motorbike. Thankfully, he landed safely on a grassy patch just next to the pothole, and was able to remount his motorbike and drive past the pothole on a second attempt.

At the same time, other vehicles that were on the same road can be seen moving slowly and carefully avoiding the pothole – which looks almost like a portal to another realm.

Shocked by the sheer size of the pothole and potential accident the rider could have faced due to it, unhappy netizens left comments on the Facebook post urging authorities to repair the pothole quickly. Many also pointed out that passers-by could have at least set up a temporary warning sign for the safety of fellow road users.

But on the same day another person posted, thoughtful individuals have indeed placed temporary barriers to block access to the road. Large leaves were also placed around the massive pothole to alert drivers of it.

Likewise, a recent update by the Facebook page Info Lalu Lintas Sabah on 30th November confirms that repair works are already in place to patch the pothole that is about 3 metres deep.

A common practice among road users when they see a pothole is to avoid it if they managed to spot it from a distance. Otherwise, they may simply run over it, which may lead to further damage such as vehicle alignment issues, or worst – a terrible accident if the pothole is as large as the one seen recently in Sabah.

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