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Dato who bullies young couple apologises for his mistakes

The incident where a Dato had bullied a young couple after they’ve requested him to lower his voice in a restaurant had went viral on social media. There were a series of happenings afterwards and long story short, the Dato and his friend were caught by the Police and the case had even went up to the courts.

As reported by Oriental Daily, the Dato and his friend had been arrested and charged for assaulting the couple. Both of them were being freed on police bail on Saturday.

Two days later. the Dato had made an official apology to the victim of the assault by releasing a 2 minute long video.

In the video, he admitted that he had made a terrible mistake. During the incident, they were acting irrationally. He had acted furiously with his dignity as someone elder when he was confronted by the young man.

“I regret truthfully for my out-of-control actions as my friend and I was drunk during that time. I hope that everyone will not involve my family and friend’s family as it is our own responsibility that this incident happened. It is not reasonable to involve those who have nothing to do with this.”

“I hope that this issue is not prolonged and for everyone’s information, we’ve surrendered ourselves to the relevant authorities and are ready to accept punishments. Once again, I sincerely apologies for creating this mess. I hope our apology is accepted.”

Watch the full video here.

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