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Dato beats up couple and threatens not to viral it

The incident happened on 12 January 2021 at Tropicana Avenue Petaling Jaya when a Dato beats up a couple in the restaurant. The incident had been recorded by the customers of the restaurant and it had then went viral.

In the video, the Dato had his men pinning the man against the wall and personally walk there to beat him. He was then pushed back by his men until he reach the table near the woman and slap her so hard that she fell.

Apparently, the Dato was drunk and he was talking loudly in the restaurant. He received complaints from the other customers of the restaurant and was so furious that he called his men in and the bullying started.

The incident did not end there too. One of our netizen who share this video out got threaten by a stranger too. Here’s what was shared by the netizen.

Source: Facebook

The identity of the Dato had need exposed by our fellow netizens and he had since then deactivated his Facebook account. Bullying happens not only in school and they comes in many different forms. Thank you for the netizens who stand up against this!

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