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Dad builds fully functional Lamborghini out of wood for his son

Kids often ask for luxurious things that many parents couldn’t really afford.

During times like that, parents often turn to DIY projects for a win-win situation.

One such parent is woodworker Truong Van Dao.

The Vietnamese dad recently amazed the internet building a Lamborghini for his son.

It is not just a toy model; it’s a fully-functioning Lamborghini Sian Roadster made completely out of wood!

Truong’s work of art went viral after he posted a video of him bringing the wooden car to life on his YouTube channel, ND – Woodworking Art.

The video has been viewed close to 13 million times.

Truong sources his wood from discarded trees.

The clear front-runner for the ‘dad of the year’ award reportedly took 65 days to complete the project.

If building an entire sports car out of wood is not impressive enough, the car was also fitted with two gas struts that enables the ‘scissor’ doors to open just like the real thing.

Truong also fitted in an electric motor to power the Lamborghini, so that his son could cruise down the neighbourhood at up to 25 kilometers per hour.

You can check out the full video of Truong bringing the Lamborghini to life below:

This is not the first car Thuong has built out of wood though, as he has also made a BMW 328 Hommage before.

We think his son is one lucky boy.

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