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Cybertroopers wanted LCW’s Datukship stripped after he donated to needy children

Good deeds might not necessarily bring you good consequences, and this is mainly due to how the public perceive the incident. Recently, Malaysian badminton legend Datuk Lee Chong Wei had been criticized by cybertroopers for donating laptops and tablets to students from the B40 category.

The Movement Control Order (MCO) which had been implemented in Malaysia had restricted students from going to school. Students from the B40 family are those that had been heavily impacted as most cannot afford for the electronic gadgets that will be used in online classes.

To help these poor students, MP Mr Steven Lim has came up with a programme called “Asal Cek Mau Pi Sekolah” and Datuk Lee Chong Wei had supported this programme and offered to donate 50 tablet computers, which cost him around RM30,000.

Cybertroopers in action

Upon having this good vibe being spread, there are parties who intend to smash it by criticizing Datuk Lee Chong Wei for supporting a programme carried out by Democratic Action Party (DAP).

A group of cybertroopers, called “Team Mujahid” had criticize him for being rude for supporting DAP and wanted his “Datuk” title to be stripped.

DAP’s response

On the same day itself, Mr Steven Lim issued an apology statement to Datuk Lee Chong Wei expressing his regret for making him a target by these cybertroopers.

Mr Steven Lim said that there is nothing wrong for a citizen to support a political party. However, this incident had been politicized by irresponsible party.

He even shared a letter that was distributed to those who have receive the laptops, and there is no DAP’s party logo in it. He stressed that when it comes to helping the people, he do not consider politics.

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