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Crowd Rushing To Stabilize An Out-Of-Control Carnival Ride

The magic carpet ride at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan, US, appeared to malfunction as the platform started to lift off the ground, causing the ride to violently sway back and forth.

Terrifying videos have captured the moment a fairground ride began to spin out of control as people rushed over in a desperate bid to save those trapped on board.

The carnival ride can be heard crashing down onto the concrete as it shakes on its foundations, as witnesses put their hands on their heads and screaming can be heard.

Incredibly, one person runs towards the ride and jumps onto the railings at the front in an attempt to weigh it down and stabilise the base, and is soon followed by dozens of others who between them manage to keep it grounded as the ride slows down.

The incident took place at about 11pm on Thursday night, with a witness saying riders remained locked into the seats for several minutes after the ride was stopped.

The witness said that when those who had been on the magic carpet were released, many shared hugs and crowds cheered as they were able to walk off to safety.

It’s reported that there were no injuries and that the ride had been taken apart by the following morning.

Videos have been shared on social media with captioned: ‘Bystanders at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan rushed over to stop a carnival ride from tipping over’.

The people on the ground who took action have been heaped with praise as one person said: “That first guy is a god damn hero though. Panics and immediately puts himself in danger to help.”

A second wrote: “Wow, big props to the first guy who hopped on. Broke the spell of the bystander effect and got others to join in, just by setting the example.”

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