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Crocodile spotted swimming in floodwaters causes flood victims to panic

As the situation is slowly recovering after the recent flash floods, victims have found many of their items and belongings damaged by the floodwaters.

However, as a result of the floods, there have also been plenty of animals that have been spotted swimming in the floodwaters.

Recently, a tweet went viral of what appeared to be a crocodile swimming in the floodwaters. But what’s funny is that the crocodile was revealed to actually be someone’s plushie. The tweet gained plenty of attention as it had managed to amuse and make the days of Malaysians during these hard times.

After having amassed plenty of attention, many netizens commented on how they had actually believed that the first two photos were the real deal!

Some even mentioned how they would faint or pee their pants before they would have had the chance to even inspect and see that it’s actually a plushie toy.

Twitter users related the last picture of the plushie with a womanizer because of the side-eye glance that it appeared to be doing.

Some even decided to insert common phrases used by womanizers to flirt with women!

“Won’t your boyfriend get mad at you for messaging me?”

“You’re the only one I love,” joked another user.

Even a politician was pranked by volunteers with the plushie.

Politician Young Shefura, shared her experience of being pranked by some volunteers whilst she was helping out with flood victims on her Twitter.

She mentioned how she rushed to the scene after someone told her that there was a baby crocodile spotted behind the building. But to her surprise, it was just a rubber crocodile that was placed there.

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