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Common things to do can cause deaf ears

The ear is an organ that helps us to hear and balance the body well. Therefore, ear care needs to be done carefully to stay healthy and able to function properly.

The ear has three parts namely the outer ear (pina and ear canal), middle ear (3 small bones called hammer, anvil and rakap) and inner ear (cochlea and semicircular canal).

Because of that, the ears need good care to prevent any injuries that can cause deafness.

Therefore, here are four things to avoid:

  1. Earphones

Listening to music is not only able to elevate one’s emotions. In fact, it is also able to strengthen memory.

Not only music, watching movies, concerts, video games or audio reading online also involves the use of earphones.

But, be aware that using earphones for too long with high volume can affect hearing.

Once we get used to hearing loud sounds through earphones, the situation will make it difficult for us to hear slow sounds later.

  1. Ear wax

According to the Instagram share oke.dokter, the use of ear wax will change the environment in the ear to be moist. Because of that, bacteria will easily infect the ear.

There is no doubt that the use of ear wax is able to clean dirt, but it should be kept in mind its effect for a long time.

  1. Cotton buds

Cleaning the ears using cotton buds has become a habit at all ages. Although it has been practiced for a long time, cotton buds are definitely not the best method to clean the ears.

This is because the dirt in the ear will clump and block the auditory canal thus affecting the function of the ear.

  1. Ear drops

The use of ear drops is often used for those who have problems with wheezing or earwax that is too hard. However, the use of ear drops needs to be approved by a physician before it can be used.

This situation is worrying if the use of ear drops too often can affect hearing. It is best to first check the long -term effects of using the drug.

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