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Coca-Cola Respects Ronaldo’s Choice

Coca-Cola insists ‘everyone has the right to choose their drink’. That was the reaction of the world’s largest beverage company after Cristiano Ronaldo set aside two bottles of the drink at the Euro 2020 press conference yesterday.

The health -conscious 36 -year -old reacted seriously when he saw the soda drink placed in front of him before the press conference began – prompting him to set the drink aside and inform fans to ‘drink plain water’.

The beverage company that sponsors the Euro responded by outright informing that everyone has their own ‘tastes and needs’.

“Players were offered water in addition to Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola without sugar upon arrival at the press conference,” a spokesman said.

The Portuguese star is one of the best football players in the world and is quite famous for his healthy diet and lifestyle.

The focus on his fitness level and life allowed him to continue playing at the elite level even though he was in his 30s when many players resigned.

He had earlier revealed the six foods taken for the daily diet were plentiful fruits, vegetables and proteins such as fish or chicken which were included without oil.

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