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Clogged drains allegedly caused flash floods in Kuchai Lama

Yesterday (7 March), the heavy downpours in the afternoon caused flash floods in several parts of Klang Valley.

While many Malaysians blamed the authorities for not the poor drainage system, we should also ask ourselves if we had contributed partly to this by conveniently littering into the drains.

Following the floods, Twitter user Sharifah said that clogged drains in Kuchai Lama may be one of the causes behind the flash floods this time.

In the Twitter thread, she wrote “This is why you shouldn’t throw rubbish irresponsibly, the authorities say the cause of the Kuchai Lama floods is because the drains were clogged with rubbish.”

Sharifah then said that the people are not forced to go to the extent of recycling but at minimum, they should keep their rubbish with them until they can find a dustbin.

Source: Twitter

“There’s only so much street cleaners can do!” she stressed.

She added that this does not discount the fact that there were also leaves that clogged the drain but for the most part, it was rubbish.

In a photo she shared, it can be seen that water started flowing down the drain again after the authorities picked up the garbage.

With this, it is important to note that it takes cooperation from both the people and the government to ensure the cleanliness of public places.

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