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Claims Surface Drinking Sterilised Milk Protects Against Covid-19 Gone Viral

Coconuts Jakarta portal reported that several videos had gone viral in the republic showing Indonesians buying Bear Brand sterilised milk.

Over the weekend, there was a buying frenzy for a brand of cow’s milk in Indonesia after word got around that drinking the milk could boost one’s production of antibodies to prevent Covid-19 infection.

As demand spiked for the milk, resellers were hiking the price to IDR50,000 (RM14.37) when the original price was IDR9,000 (RM2.59).

The manufacturer Nestle said its hands were tied on the price increase but promised to ensure constant supply in the market to keep the price steady.

The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) said the milk could not kill the Covid-19 virus and it gave the same nutritional benefits as any regular milk.

IDI Covid-19 task force head Zubairi Djoerban said no milk was better than the other.

“Go ahead if you want to drink Bear Brand milk or powdered milk. No one is better than the other, except sweetened condensed milk, which is low in protein,” he was quoted as saying.

He, however, said for complete nutritional benefits, it would be better to eat vegetables, fruits, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, not just milk.

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