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Chinese Government bans their Artistes from wearing excessive make up to look more masculine

It seems like the Chinese government is coming down hard on its entertainment industry.

Earlier the Beijing Performance Industry Association proposed that entertainers needed work certificates before joining the creative industry.

Its president Zhang Haijun also said that artistes ought to undergo ideological, political, theoretical, professional, and moral training before the certificates were issued.

Now, the government wants celebrities to refrain from wearing excessive makeup to cover their natural beauty.

A report from Guang Ming Daily, the government wants celebrities to use their “strengths, acting skills, and artistry to gain acceptance from audiences nationwide” instead.

The report also quoted hk01.com as saying that there are many good-looking actors and actresses who lack acting skills.

“They are just there to complete the production, and are not really good at acting. Furthermore, some male celebrities put on heavy makeup and this does not reflect the image of a Chinese man,” the report said, adding that Chinese men should always be masculine.

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