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Chat Topics To Help Connect With People

Small talk topics are the best type of conversation between people who want to know more about each other. Learning to make small talk can help to build up your confidence so that you can start conversations, build connections, and develop your social skills.

Making small talk involves not only knowing what to say, but also what is best kept private. A good way to take the edge off anxiety is to prepare in advance for the types of topics that are likely to come up. Nontheless, it is important to overcome your urge to avoid it altogether, since avoidance only serves to exacerbate anxiety in the long-run.

Some small topics which you may open the conversation are such as:

1) Weather

Although talking about the weather may seem mundane, it is a good neutral topic that everyone can discuss. Look no further than outside your door for some good conversation openers, such as:

  • Lovely day, don’t you think?
  • Looks like rain is in the forecast.
  • Did you order this beautiful weather?
  • Is your name Summer cuz you are hot!
  • Now I know why there’s no snow – you’re so hot!

Practice making small talk may light up the emotion of the person next to you.

2) Sports

Sports topics that you can discuss with others include:

  • Types of sport they play
  • Do they watch any Sporting events
  • Which Favorite or local teams they support
  • Tournaments or championships

Keep track of what sports are played during which seasons, such as football, soccer, hockey, golf or E-sports so that you are on top of the current action.

If your conversation partner supports a rival team, avoid trash-talking their team. Instead, focus on keeping your discussion focused on things like team or player performance.

3) Food

Food can be a comfortable topic for small talk as everyone loves food. You may recommend your favorite local restaurants, or ask what their favorite dish to order is, or if they enjoy cooking at home.

Some examples of things you may ask include:

  • Have you tried the new restaurants downtown lately?
  • What’s your favorite meal to cook at home?
  • Do you have any ideas for good work-lunches?

4) Hobbies

People like to share about their hobbies and are likely to be interested in yours. If you happened to do not have any hobbies, consider exploring something new from what you do usually. Not only will you may discover new interest and have something to talk about, at the same time having a hobby will give you a chance to meet others with similar interests.

5) Hometown

In a small-talk situation, you might be asked about your hometown. For example:

  • How is where you grew up different from where you live now?
  • Why did you leave?
  • What are the special delicacies in your hometown, share it with us the next time when you travel back.

You never know who might be from the same place as you and how you might begin forming a connection.

6) Celebrity Gossip

Many may have the most popular celebrities which they are biased of. They may listen to their albums, follow closely on their daily activities or even buy the products which the celebrities use.

7) Travel

Travel can be a favorite topic among people. People like to hear about vacations. If you happened to came back from travel, be ready to answer a bunch questions and give your opinions about the places you have visited. Sharing of photos taken could help to give them a feel of places aside from talking.

8) Arts and Entertainment

Arts and entertainment topics that are good conversation starters include:

  • Movies, television shows or dramas
  • Popular restaurants
  • Popular music

Examples of things you might ask include:

  • Are you reading any great books? I could use some recommendations.
  • Who is your favorite actor or actress? I could search and watch their movie.
  • Have you tried any new apps or games lately that you really liked? I could use some suggestions.

However, avoid talking about movies, television, or books that your conversation partner has not seen or read. Do not go into details about the plot or the funny scenes if no one else has seen the movie. Find some common ground and then build your discussion from there.

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