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Cat born with four ears finds a forever home and becomes a star online

Every animal is beautiful in their own way, even ones who are born a little different. Sometimes its the things that make us unusual that make us so special.

Like one cat, who was born with four ears. But now, this cat has a loving forever home — and is delighting people online.

Midas was born with an extra set of ears, apparently due to a genetic abnormality. But that hasn’t stopped him from living his best life.

And it didn’t stop her from getting adopted: according to his Instagram page, she found her “forever home” last month, and loves his new family.

Cemre Polat, from Turkey, is Midas’ owner. She doesn’t know if he can actually hear through the extra, smaller ears, but they haven’t hurt, either: she says Midas does not have any hearing problems.

Indeed, Midas’ Instagram page shows he has a pretty normal life for a cat. He likes to hang around the house and play with his dog “sisters.”

The photos also track how much she’s grown over the past few weeks: one recent photo says she’s “1820 grams of mischief.”

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