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British single father resemblance to American actor Brad Pitt

A single father, who bears a resemblance to American actor Brad Pitt, has deleted his dating profiles after women accused him of having a fake profile.

He had been accused by women of catfishing and women tried video calling him on his Instagram as they did not think he was real.

As such, the 35-year-old, who works as a groundworker but moonlights as a Pitt impersonator, admits it was quite hard to find love as women are obsessed with the Oscar owner.

Meads said he had been told he looked like Pitt since he was 20 years old.

“Some people would say I must be related to him or that my mum must have had an affair with him,” he said. 

“A lot of people, even now, will do a double-take when they walk past me or will ask me for a picture, although some of them just take pictures without me realising,” he added.

Meads said it took him years to figure out a way to make his resemblance benefit him.

“While hundreds of people told me I looked like him, I never did anything about it but then it became a constant thing that, wherever I went, people would say it,” he said, adding that he sent photos to four different look-alike agencies who were eager to work with him.

He was even contacted by Dorien Rose, the famous Angelina Jolie look-alike who wanted to collaborate with him. 

His doppelgänger status has also scored him invites to red carpet events where he has met other famous faces. 

Before the coronavirus pandemic forced the world to go into lockdown, Meads went to the Glamour Awards in London as well as other fashion events.

He makes between £250 (RM1,470) and £500 (RM2,940) for every look-alike gig.

While Meads and Pitt have yet to meet face-to-face, the look-alike hopes they will one day. 

“I am a big Brad Pitt fan and I think he’s a great actor.”

“He plays all of his roles brilliantly and seems like a real gentleman and a family man so we have that in common, although we have very different bank balances,” Meads said.

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