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Bad road conditions in Malaysia are causing accidents that can be deadly

“Roads are like the tiger’s jaws” is a Chinese proverb to describe the many different kinds of accident that can happen on road. Road accidents have been increasing from year to year and it is not slowing down.

There are many causes when there is an accident, where many of them can be prevented by fixing the infrastructures.

Just a few days after Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Khairy Jamaluddin’s incident, there are a few more deadly accidents that had been happening around.

Among them were one accident caused by a pothole and another one caused by the lack of road lights on the street, where both causes death.

Source: Oriental Daily

Talking about East Malaysia, road conditions were even more neglected and it is reported that the residents in Kampung Tagibang, Sabah have decide to repair the highway themselves that is severely damaged with muddy holes. As reported in Oriental Daily, the residents had been complaining this to Works Department Sabah for years but there are no responses to their calls.

It can be frustrating to see that our complaints unanswered and it makes us wonder what are the responsible parties doing. Given that Public Works Department (JKR) had the “I promise zero potholes” campaign, let us raise our complaints again and check whether our complaints had been answered.

“I promise zero potholes” campaign

The Works Ministry through the JKR had reintroduced the “I promise zero potholes” campaign on last July as an initiative to strengthen the ministry’s commitment towards the maintenance of roads in the country. It is reported that potholes will be repaired within 24 hours of its discovery or complaints, and for permanent repairs, it will take up to 3 days.

To make it easier for the citizens to communicate with JKR, they’ve share 11 ways for you to reach them.

  • JKR’s official website – aduan.jkr.gov.my
  • Telephone
  • Public Complaints Management System (SISPAA) – kkr.spab.gov.my
  • Email to [email protected]
  • Email to [email protected]
  • By going to the media
  • Verbally at the JKR office
  • Public Complaints Bureau – pcb.spab.gov.my
  • Letters
  • Malaysia Government Call Centre (MyGCC) – 03-8000 8000
  • Public Complaints Bureau mobile app

Given the avenue to make complaints easier, let us do our duty to make responsible complaints and let JKR live up to their promise.

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