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‘Babi’ a film by Namewee gains International Award but Banned in Malaysia

“Babi” a film by Namewee gains International Award but Banned in Malaysia

Does “Babi” sounds offensive to you? “Babi” is the name of a new film, produced by Namewee, a Malaysian director and singer. This film is about a school fight which escalates into a deadly school violence. The film was granted 2 awards on the Open World Toronto Film Festival, which they are <The Best Director> and the <The Best Actor Award>.

In spite of having all these international awards, it did not get the support from local authorities and a police report was lodged against the Malaysian director, Namewee too.

Source: Namewee

The police report was lodged by Federal Territory Perikatan Nasional Youth on 19 November 2020 over the latest film poster which allegedly touched on racial sensitivities. Mohammad Azwan Azmi, a member of the Federal Territory PN Youth Information also state that the poster contains the words ‘Melayu Bodoh’, ‘India Keling’ and ‘Cina Babi’.

According to Azwan Azmi, “This insult and provocation is seen as outrageous and is a rude and insolent act, feared to cause inter-racial tensions in Malaysia,” he told reporters after making the police report. He said his party had also asked the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block the content related to the film from being accessed by Malaysians through his Facebook, Youtube and Instagram accounts, as reported by BERNAMA.

Understanding the message of the Film

With all those confusion about what’s happening around and why a police report was lodged against this, let us understand the message that the Film is delivering.

The Film highlights the lack of understanding between races and the conflicts faced by Malaysians, which can be detrimental for Malaysians. Namewee also states that harmony and understanding is crucial in a multi-racial society like Malaysia. To convey this message, Namewee had made an adaption from a true story which had happened in Malaysia some time ago, in hope that Malaysians will reflect on how and why this riot started.

With all that said, have you experienced something unpleasant and you wanted to share it with others? Drop a comment below and let Malaysians help you!

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