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Axolotls are becoming one of the most popular pets

As days go by, axolotls are becoming one of the most popular pets since they are not only easy to maintain but also super cute to look at.

An Instagram influencer called Emily loves to make videos and other such content with her pet animals. She goes by “Emily and her Animals” online.

In this video we can see her axolotl named Cheese, look pretty much straight into the camera and change colours of its gills.

Is this normal, you may wonder? Well, it actually is. They naturally change colour based on environmental and developmental factors.

According to Tank Origin, the causes behind Cheese being able to change colour might lie in its genetics, food, health and even its activity levels.

The Reel has been made using a viral audio by Coi Leray, called “TWINNEM”.

In this video, the viewers are able to see that the cute aquatic pet is changing its colours from red to purple, from that to pink and then to orange.

“Cheese really said [rainbow emoji],” reads the caption to this Instagram Reel.

Take a look at the marvel of nature right here: +

Since it was shared on October 19, this video has gone massively viral on Instagram and has gathered more than five lakh likes and many more views on it so far.

Many people have taken to the comments section too.

“I see Pokémon. Must catch,” said one viewer.

Another said, “Cheese is magical”.

Many others said that they had no idea that axolotl‘s could do this. One such comment said, “wow. I didn’t even know this was a thing!”

“Ours changed from black to pink,” related another Instagram user.

What do you think about this colourful animal video?

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