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Astro Awani is being investigated for allegedly slandering PDRM

A news anchor from Astro Awani is being investigated by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) for allegedly slandering PDRM on air.

The investigation will be carried out under Section 504 of the Penal Code that criminalises insults intended to “provoke a breach of peace”, and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act, which covers abuse of network facilities.

If found guilty, a person found guilty can be jailed for two years, fined, or both under Section 504. The punishment under Section 233 is a fine of RM50,000, jail for a year, or both.

Astro Awani has pledged to give its full cooperation for the investigation. Editor-in-chief, Ashwad Ismail has confirmed that one of its newscasters on Awani 745 is under investigation for the comments he made while reporting the controversy fine recently issued to the small businesses in Kelantan.

In the statement, Ashwad said “We are of opinion that the country’s police institution tasked to uphold the people’s welfare and harmony must always be respected and protected at all times.”

“Being one of the main channels that report the current affairs and news, Astro Awani remains committed to strengthening the existing cooperation with the public and the PDRM through providing ethical, balanced, and quality coverage.”

Source: Facebook

What exactly was the comment?

While reporting in Bahasa Malaysia, the Astro Awani newscaster used the phrase, “Ketika otak yang diletaknya diatas, tapi ada yang bertindak seolah otak diletak di lutut”, which meant, while one’s brain is located in the head, their action is as if their brain is placed at their knees.

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