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Apple quietly introduce their polishing cloth

Last week, Apple announced the Polishing Cloth, a rounded square-shaped cloth used for cleaning surfaces and screens.

It’s actually quite popular, with shipping now being extended all the way to next year. The same cloth was also included with the Apple Pro Display XDR and selected iMac models.

Some people have grabbed it early, like users Karagana (@Krgn1002) and Sam Kohl (@iupdate) on Twitter. They have been gracious enough to post pictures of the new product for everyone to see.

Apple has been pretty secretive about this product for some reason, not mentioning the size or material of the fabric at all. According to Karagana, the dimensions of the cloth are 15.9cm x 15.9cm. The material is only listed as a “soft, nonabrasive material”.

The packaging just includes the cloth and a piece of paper that says this:

Safe for use on all Apple displays and surfaces. For infrequent cleaning of hard-to-remove smudges on nano-texture glass, a 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution may be used.

As seen in the image above, the actual colour of the cloth is more of a light grey than a white, especially when put next to actual white products like the AirPods.

Apple has a comically large compatibility list on their website, as you can use the polishing cloth on practically every Apple surface and screen.

You can order the Apple Polishing Cloth for RM99 right now on their online shop, but it won’t start shipping until after 10-12 weeks due to the popularity of the product.

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