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Anti-Vaxxer Civil Servant Detained After Using Fake Vaccination Certs To Get Bonus

A new year means new key performance indicator (KPI) scores for most workers.

Recently, 3 civil servants, including a married couple, have been arrested by the police for trying to deceive their department head with fake Covid-19 digital vaccination certificates.

The government department in Melaka had made vaccinations a requirement for employees to boost their KPIs, which led to the anti-vaxxers worrying about them not being eligible for the bonus as they did not get their jabs.

Source: KL Foodie

According to The Star, Alor Gajah OCPD Supt Arshad Abu said the couple paid one of their seniors to help them falsify the certification before showing their respective MySejahtera profiles to their superior during their performance evaluations on 30 December.

“The couple, who work in the same department, was told by the senior that he had successfully used the fake certification to score high marks in his appraisal and offered to help the husband and wife to obtain the same score for a fee of RM500 each.”

“The senior claimed he had links to a middleman nicknamed ‘VNilai’ who purportedly could supply fake digital certificates for RM500 each,” he said.

Source: Daily Express

However, during the review, the head of the department felt as if there was something not right and ordered an investigation to look into the clinic where the couple took their “vaccine”.

After doing a due diligence check with the Rembia Health Clinic, it was revealed that there were no records of the three individuals coming in for any vaccination.

When probed, the couple revealed that they bought the false certificates. A police report was made on 11 January and the couple along with their senior were arrested and remanded for 3 days.

Meanwhile, the police are looking for “VNilai” who is still at large and trying to determine if a syndicate is involved.

The 3 civil servants are being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

While the Health Ministry and the people are doing their part to keep Covid-19 under control, it is surprising to see many people coming up with conspiracy theories that disregards the actual data collected by researchers worldwide.

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