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#AdhamBabaLetakJawatan, Malaysians frustrated with double standard policies

The Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba had on 2 February 2021 issued a Federal Government Gazette reducing the observation period of Ministers returning from overseas visits from 10 days to only 3 days and it is effective starting 9 February 2021.

In the statement, we can see that there is no solid reason given by Dr Adham Baba for loosening the SOPs for ministers.

Source: Twitter

Public response

Obviously, the inequality of treatment to the public and ministers are what fueled this furious backlash. Apart from the public’s comments, there were even lawyers who stand up and claim that the government gazette is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Among the top comments from netizens were,

Covid-19 had caused several inconvenience to Malaysians and have negatively impacted our economy. Despite all the efforts to contain it, Covid-19 cases in Malaysia remained in the thousands and SOPs for the public are getting tighter and tighter.

Loosening the SOPs for a certain party only is just not something that should have been done. This projects an image that those who are in power are doing things just in their favour and at the expense of everyone else.

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