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Activist suggests that age limit for motorcycle licence be lowered to 13YO, experts disagree

The Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department recorded a total of 1,746 children between the ages of 6 and 15 died due to motorcycle accidents from 2014 to 2020, and these numbers are only of those riding or handling the motorcycles and not pillion riders.

Despite the statistics, Kelantan youth activist Wan Mahussin Wan Zain has called on the authorities to allow 13-year-olds be allowed to get a motorcycle licence.

Taking it to Facebook, Wan Mahussin Wan Zain said children should not be prevented from riding motorcycles, especially to school. He added that lowering the age limit for having a motorcycle licence will ensure the safety of children as they could now be covered by insurance.

“Teenagers need a motorcycle licence for school. The authorities can limit the use of the licence for school only,” he said.

He also suggested that the authorities make the licence available for teenagers for free as a majority of children who ride motorcycles do not have a licence due to the age requirement and financial constraints.

He added that it would not be practical for students to cycle to school, given the weather now and the distance from housing areas to schools.

Source: The Star

Meanwhile, his suggestion did not sit well with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, with its chairman Prof Dr Wong Shaw Voon saying the suggestion is not a good one at all.

“We have too many youths getting killed on the road already. The number one killer of our youths is on the road,” he was quoted as saying by The Sun Daily.

“Anyone would know it is a crazy idea to allow our children to ride motorcycles as it would only get more youths killed on the road.”

Road safety activist Shahrim Tamrin also gave a similar opinion that Wan Mahussin’s suggestion will only result in more youths losing their lives or getting permanently injured.

Shahrim then suggested that Malaysia should instead foster a fit generation and suggested that the use of bicycles be encouraged.

“For decades, our fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts used to cycle to school and this resulted in them staying fit,” he said.

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