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A food enthusiast use chocolate to makes noodles

A food enthusiast made noodles with chocolate. His creation has caught the eyes of many on the internet.

When we walk into a bakery and see so many options and flavours to choose from, we might get confused about what we want to have in such a variety. And it’s at this point that the majority of us opt for chocolate flavours.

So, whether you like it in the form of a cake, a plain piece of it, or maybe fruits covered with it or even a gooey form of it- chocolate is heavenly in every state. It is one of those things that instantly satisfy our urge to eat something sweet. Plus, with room for experimentation, we can add it to any dessert, and its taste will easily amp up.

However, not every chocolate experiment is as simple as it might look. Take, for instance, chocolate noodles! Yes, you read that right. A thing like chocolate noodles does exist and is made by food enthusiast Micheal Ligier.

Micheal Ligier uses molecular gastronomy techniques to transform traditional recipes into something completely new. For the unversed, molecular gastronomy is a culinary discipline where chefs use food science to create unusual and creative dishes. In Micheal’s recent use of this technique, he made noodles with chocolate. He uploaded the making video of it on his Instagram.

The video begins with him taking a plastic tube, a syringe and a precision scale. He then melts chocolate with some milk and adds powder to it. Then he fills a plastic tube with this chocolate and drops it in boiling water. Lastly, he takes out the chocolate noodle and shows it to his viewers. Check out the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 2.3 million times, has 247K likes and hundreds of comments. Many people have called this creation unique and asked him how he does it.

A user said, “I don’t know if I like this or not, but I’m definitely going to make it.” At the same time, some other people had certain doubts about its making. One user wrote, “Wait… how do you take the noodles out of the tube? I want to try to make it!” Someone also said, “Why do you use boiling milk for this recipe? Boiling milk changes its chemical composition and makes it taste eggy. Instead, you should try using milk between 60-70 degrees celsius.”

Someone wrote, “What is it like? Like a long popping boba filled with melted chocolate? That would be nice.” Another one also wrote, “Do it with white chocolate and see if anyone can tell the difference between that and noodles.”

Many others have also said that this looks amazing and they would try to make it once.

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