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800 individuals in Uganda were injected with water

An investigation by Uganda authorities showed 800 individuals were injected with water instead of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to an Anadolu Agency report.

Warren Naamara, director of the Health Monitoring Unit at the President’s Official Residence, said in a media interview that two nurses had been arrested for being involved in the scam.

A doctor is now being hunted after fleeing.

“We have already sent vials (bulbs) suspected to contain counterfeit Covid-19 vaccine to the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratories and the National Medicines Board (NDA) for analysis,” Naamara said.

“The NDA sent samples suspected to contain the sample to the Indian Serum Institute (SII) for analysis. SII confirmed that the batch of vaccines sent contained water instead of vaccines.”

He said SII insisted that that it did not send it to Uganda.

In addition, SII also confirmed that the label on the product had been forged.

Analytical laboratories also confirmed that the vaccine was fake.

The report comes after revelations that authorities received information that a fake Covid-19 vaccine injection at a government hospital in May.

A number of parties involved were arrested and samples were sent to the laboratory for testing.

A total of 800 employees who received the fake vaccine were employees of private companies and it was paid for by the company.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan Ministry of Health said, so far, 90,656 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in the country with 2,392 deaths.

A total of 1,427,897 people out of a population of 44 million have been vaccinated.

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