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6 hidden gems in Malaysia to visit after MCO is over

The Movement Control Order (MCO) had been implemented almost all parts of Malaysia and have shattered most travel plans. Staying at home for a long period can be frustrating. Why not plan for a short trip after the MCO? This gives you something to look forward and to keep yourself motivated during these hard times.

Rainbow Waterfall, Pahang

Rainbow waterfall is located at Sungai Lembing, Pahang. You’ll need to hike through a forest before you reach the location. The rainbow is only visible in the morning and this makes most visitors stay a night at the town before they start their journey at dawn.

Due to the jungle paths and roads, travelers are required to ride to 4×4 vehicle to ensure the journey runs well. You’ll not regret seeing this scenery after all the bumpy roads.

Source: TripAdvisor

Pulau Tiga, Sabah

Pulau Tiga consists of 3 islands, named Survivor island, Sand Spit island and Snake island. To get to Pulau Tiga, you’ll need to arrive at Kuala Penyu and take a 20 minute boat ride.

If you are wondering what’s special on this island, you’ll be able to see the beauty of mother nature here! The island is full of recreational activities for travelers too. They’ve the mud volcano, which you can get yourself covered in mud. It is said that the mud possesses medicinal and therapeutic properties to your skin.

Source: Klook

Pulau Tengah, Johor

Pulau Tengah is not only private, but a sustainable too. It is set in the protected Johor Marine Park and the nature here is well preserved. It is developed just enough to provide you a comfortable stay and a breathtaking scenery.

There’s only one resort here, the Batu Batu Private Island Resort and they offer different kinds of villas and different views, from jungle to ocean. Simply get to Mersing and there will be a private speed boat that will carry you there.

Source: Youtube

Banjaran Hotsprings, Ipoh

Retreat from your hectic life into Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs resorts. There’s even a bar that’s being built in the cavern of a 260-million-year-old limestone hill. The resort is full of nature’s beauty of lush greenery, water features and limestone hills. A stay here recharges you and lets you indulge in the relaxing and calming environment.

Source: Luxurious magazine
Source: Booking.com

The Dusun, Seremban

The rainforest heaven is located in Seremban, and not many know of this hidden gem. The resort is cut off from internet and television and this will force you to indulge in the companion of good wine and luxurious food. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the quality time with your close ones.

Source: Youtube

Pilah Kontenastay, Seremban

Pilah Kontenastay is located just beside orchard trees and forest. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh fruits when its the season for it too. The tranquility of this place will give you an enjoyable time here.

Source: Jelajahmaya

You deserve a good retreat from the stressful city and working life. Things had been even more uneasy during MCO. Comment below if you’ve found other hidden gems in Malaysia.

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