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M’sian shares about ‘education inflation’ and thinks education has become more nominal in today’s world

Social NewsM'sian shares about 'education inflation' and thinks education has become more nominal...

After going through several hardships, many parents would agree that education is the key to success in today’s world. This is also why parents would give their all for their children’s education, hoping that it would guarantee their children a decent job in the future.

However, fast forwarding to today’s world, it seems that education and credentials alone are not enough for degree holders to secure themselves a decent-paying job.

In a discussion on the r/Malaysia subreddit, a user shared how he noted that education has become nominal these days.

“I studied abroad and entered the workforce somewhere in the early 2010s. Back then, even when I was applying for work, it was relatively easy for me to apply and at least get an interview.”

“The ratio of interviews to applications was more than 70%. I think back then, having overseas exposure and the ability to speak English was quite a competitive advantage,” he said.

Having only one credential is not enough

He continued by saying that he completed his ACCA last year and found that he is now competing with his peers who not only have ACCA but also Masters’s Degree and a secondary professional qualification (CLP/CFA).

The ACCA Qualification is an accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals.

“I noticed that the level of competition has increased, and my interview-to-application ratio has significantly fallen,” he revealed.

He then quoted one of his friends working in Japan saying, “MBAs and Professional Certifications now are a dime a dozen.”, and thinks that the returns on getting more ‘education’ have become nominal these days.

“I agree with him to a certain extent, and have been questioning whether we live in an age of ‘education inflation’. I have also met plenty of very educated people who, unfortunately, has zero understanding of how human dynamics work.”

“I feel very sad seeing these people who could have contributed more to the organization, only if they knew how to maneuverer around people to get the desired results,” he said.

Source: Malay Mail

Soft skills are required to survive in today’s world

The user also shared his experience of surviving in today’s world by having contacts who were able to extend their help in times of need. However, he said that he’s not the type of person who uses ‘cable’ (connection) to get what he wants as these people would not help him if he is not capable enough for the work.

“So I was thinking, having a bachelor’s, or master’s, as well as any professional qualification, is undoubtedly an advantage, but not necessarily the advantage since we are going through an ‘education inflation’ era.”

“Ultimately, you will need to balance this by establishing a good rapport with people, as I view this process as ‘soft’ or ‘preliminary’ interviews,” he said.

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