Tuesday, January 31, 2023

McD Bukit Bintang has a door access control system to their washroom, and M’sians are amused

Social NewsMcD Bukit Bintang has a door access control system to their washroom,...

Having passwords to access a certain area in a premise or a facility sounds familiar to all of us. This is because these areas and facilities should only be accessible by certain personnel for security or confidentiality reasons.

For example, many cafes and restaurant would only give out their WiFi password to their paying customers. However, have you ever seen premises limit the public’s access to their washroom with a door access control system?

Recently, a Twitter user took his experience at a McDonald’s outlet in Kuala Lumpur online, sharing how he found that the premise only allowed paid customers to use its washroom.

Along with the post, he shared a photo of his receipt showing the passcode to the washroom.

“It’s common for shops to give the WiFi password to paying customers. However, it is not common for McDonald’s to give passcodes to use the restrooms,” he wrote.

When another netizen asked if their washroom are really locked, the user shared another photo of the male washroom with a keypad next to it.

According to the user, this McDonald’s outlet is located at Bukit Bintang.

Why did they do so?

Meanwhile, some netizens were puzzled as to why the premise implemented such a policy to limit the use of their washroom.

In the comment section, some netizens said this had been a common practice elsewhere, especially in European countries.

“McDonald’s had to do this because many who entered the washroom were not customers. Some even showered in their washrooms. These are all costs to the business,” a netizen said.

One netizen pointed out that this is probably the method for the fast food chain to ensure the cleanliness of their toilet stalls, as customers have complained about hygiene.

What do you think about this? Do you think McDonald’s should open their toilets for all instead?

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