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Local supernatural thriller film, Pulau, gets huge criticisms from netizens for sexy scenes

Social NewsLocal supernatural thriller film, Pulau, gets huge criticisms from netizens for sexy...

The official trailer for Malaysia’s latest supernatural thriller film, Pulau, has drawn huge criticism from netizens, and most of the comments were about its sexy and steamy scenes, with actresses wearing bikinis, as well as love-making scenes.

Pulau was produced by My Way Pictures in collaboration with Film Force Studios and starred a few local big names, including Alif Satar, Amelia Henderson, Sanjna Suri, Ms PuiYi, as well as Mark O’dea.

The film trailer showed a group of friends going on a vacation to an exotic island after a daring bet. However, little did they know that the island was full of darkness.

“The vacation of a group of youngsters turns into an endless horrifying nightmare after a losing bet forces them to spend a night on a deserted island. As they stumble upon a mysterious abandoned village there, they accidentally break an old spell that was placed to restrain an antagonizing spirit trapped in the island.”

“One by one, they are made to suffer the gripping and gruesome consequences of their mistakes, infuriating an evil creature that needs human blood to stay alive. The only way out is in the hands of a girl who desperately needs to use her supernatural gift to untangle an unsettling history connected to a tainted cross-cultural love story,” the description reads.

How did it get past Finas?

In less than a week, the film has garnered comments from netizens, with many condemning the sexy scenes in the trailer. Some netizens even questioned how did the film manage to get through the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF) in the first place.

“When we say we want our local movies on par with those overseas, we don’t mean to include unnecessary sex scenes,” a netizen said.

“How did this get through Finas? Normally, even scenes of climbing trees get snipped for no reason,” another netizen said.

Apart from the steamy scenes, many netizens also called out the producers for its official film poster, which is similar to the 2020 thriller film, Fantasy Island.

“The Art Designer of this movie seems a bit lazy,” a netizen commented, as he attaches the poster from Fantasy Island for comparison.

In case you are not caught up with the trailer, you can watch it below.

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