Tuesday, January 31, 2023

“McD is not the place for study!” M’sian slams students who study and do group assignments there

Social News"McD is not the place for study!" M'sian slams students who study...

McDonald’s is the most recognisable fast food brand in the world, and its outlets are a great place to hang out with our friends too.

Recently, a disgruntled Facebook user took it online to express his dissatisfaction with students who visit McDonald’s at Precinct 2 in Putrajaya and sit there for hours to finish off their assignments.

“McDonald’s is not a place for you to do your assignments. There are customers who visited the place couldn’t find seats,” the user said.

The user also shared that many of the students ordered only a drink and sat there for hours.

Source: Facebook

His complaint has since sparked a huge debate among netizens, with some netizens supporting the user’s opinion, while others urged him to be more considerate towards the students.

“It’s the same for the one in Shah Alam. Tables are full of laptops,” a netizen shared.

“It’s 2023 and there are still people who use WiFi and air-cond for free. I thought it was only during the 2010s,” another netizen commented.

“Can’t they just study in their hostel or rented house?” one netizen asked.

Source: Daily Makan

Students choose the café because libraries do not allow them to eat

On the other hand, some netizens said that these students are facing a dilemma of whether to study in a library or a café, as the libraries do not allow students to bring any food into the premise.

“Does Putrajaya not have a library? Pity those students too. Some wanted to eat while studying. Maybe, YB and the departments can find an alternative for students to do assignments in groups,” a netizen said.

“There’s a library around there, but students cannot eat and drink there. Supposedly, we should have more libraries that allow students to bring along their food. McDonald’s did not stop them from doing so, and that’s why they went there,” another netizen said.

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