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Benefits of why you should sleep on the left side instead

The majority of us don’t give our sleeping position a second consideration; occasionally, we may rest on our left side and awaken on our right.

The recommendation to lie on your left side may have been offered to certain women who were previously pregnant. Evidently, some of them believed that the pregnancy issue was to blame.

It’s not simply a pregnancy issue, though. In actuality, it is a ritual that dates back thousands of years. Even if there hasn’t been any research to back this up, it makes sense and is undoubtedly advantageous to consider.

The direction of our body’s organs, particularly the digestive system and the heart, is one of the main benefits.

As we lie on our left, the food waste (shit, that is) may travel more easily with the aid of gravity, allowing us to digest the food inside of us more effectively.

In order to avoid turning this into a scientific lecture, the second reason is that gravity would have made it simpler for something on the right side of our spine to flow back to the heart because that is where our heart is located.

Now that we know how to fall asleep, we can’t decide how we would wake up (for all you know, you could always wake up on the floor face down).

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