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Angry tenant complaints about his inconsiderate neighbour who hangs pork belly above his clean laundry and dirties it

Social NewsAngry tenant complaints about his inconsiderate neighbour who hangs pork belly above...

An annoyed HDB flat tenant in Singapore has recently taken online to complain about his inconsiderate neighbour staying above his unit for hanging pieces of pork belly over his clean laundry.

In a Facebook post on 15 January, the tenant, Bob Tan shared that he hung his clean laundry outside his flat’s window to dry. However, he notices brown liquid dripping onto his clothes from above.

He then realises that the liquid was soy sauce and his neighbour was hanging pork belly directly above his laundry.

“My neighbour hangs pork belly outside the flat’s kitchen window and dirty all my just washed clothes with soy sauce,” he said.

Source: Facebook

Speaking to Mothership, Tan said this was his first time encountering an incident like this after living there for the past 14 years.

Tan shared that he allegedly knows the neighbour responsible for hanging the pork belly over his laundry, but he would leave it to the city council as the neighbour was ‘not friendly’ based on his experience of interacting with them.

Where’s the respect for other tenants?

In the comment section, many netizens criticised the neighbour for being inconsideration towards other tenants living in the area.

Besides, hanging raw meant like laundry causes potential hygiene issues.

Meanwhile, some netizens pointed out that there were Muslim residents living in the HDB estate, and this is disrespectful towards them.

“No basic respect to other neighbours and not sensitive to other religion and beliefs…” a netizen said.

“This is disrespectful to anyone of any race actually. You can’t say certain people don’t mind having this issue over their laundry. It’s hygiene issues,” another netizen said.

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